Thursday, April 13, 2017

Day 136 - Magnetizing Week - Mrs. Bennett - Fox Hill Kindergarten

To prepare for our field trip to the Discovery Museum; we learned about force.  Force is a push or pull causing movement. One type of force we focused on was Magnetic force. We started by sharing our schema and everything we already know about magnets.  We explored different magnets and experimented with different materials to see what is magnetic, like iron, and what is not magnetic. Mr. Musselman came to our class to do a magnet show. 

Schema Map

Magnet Explorations

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Day 135 - Memorial School Starts Geography Club - Mrs. Burns

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Memorial's first ever Geography Club started today. Fourth and Fifth graders are getting ready to take on the Mystery Skype Challenge with other schools across the country and even the globe. Today we had a Mystery Country challenge as well as a Kahoot Geography Review competition.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Day 134 - Budding Meteorologists Shine in Ms. Felton’s Kindergarten Class - Mrs. Myer - Memorial Library/Media Specialist

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Ms. Felton’s Kindergarten class at Memorial Elementary has been learning about weather. To show their knowledge, each student wrote about the type of weather they would like to report for the day.  Students visited the Memorial Learning Commons, where they were excited to read their sentences and post the high temperature of the day on a thermometer while being videotaped in front of a green screen.  The students watched themselves with enthusiasm and shared a FANTASTIC chant at the end.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Day 133 - Math Mystery Solved in 3 Acts! - Mrs. Fortunato visits Mrs. Hoyt's K Class

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Our K-5 Math Coach Carrie Fortunato returned to room 103 last week to lead us in a 3 Act Math lesson.  The students really enjoyed this style of lesson and the discussion we had were very impressive!  We started by looking at an image that showed a pile of red and yellow tiles and we had to comment on the picture and ponder what we may wonder.

Our ponderings led us to a discussion of how many tiles there might be in all.  So, we estimate and sorted our estimations into groups.

We the watched a brief video in which the pile in the image was being sorted, but the video ends before the pile is completely sorted and it is up to us to try to figure out what we think the total number of tiles actually is!

We went to our tables and used our own piles of tiles and worked through our thoughts any way we wanted to!  The teachers encouraged us but did not tell us how to go about solving this mystery.  Many different approaches were taken!

We gathered back on the rug to share our thoughts and notes.  Students had to explain their thinking.  

In the end, we watched a final video that completed the sorting.  Amazingly nearly all of us had figured out the solution that there were 21 tiles in all!  Thank you Mrs. Fortunato!  We loved 3-Act Math!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Day 132 - Alexa vs. Google - Chloe and Bella - MSMS Help Desk

This post first appeared on the MSMS Help Desk Blog


Google Home

  • Alexa can order stuff off of amazon
  • Alexa can surf the web
  • You can listen to music
  • Comes in a large and small size
  • Can stream music
  • Can act as a timer
  • Can control smart-home devices
  • You can connect your phone to Alexa
  • There is Bluetooth
  • Can not listen to music not on amazon
  • Is not easily controlled like google
  • The answers to questions are more limited and may not have an answer
  • You must surrender some privacies
  • It doesn't work unless it is plugged in
  • It takes songs off youtube
  • It surfs the web from google
  • You can control other compatible devices like smart-home devices
  • Has more answers and information than Alexa
  • Can Stream music
  • Can act as a timer
  • More attractively designed
  • You can play in multiple rooms at once
  • You can connect your phone to Google home and can send information to your phone
  • You can only connect to one google account at a time
  • Must surrender some privacies
  • It doesn’t respond well when music is playing
  • Voice not as easily understood as other devices
  • There is no Bluetooth
  • You can not shop off of Google Home

Alexa- (large) $179.99
          (small) $49.99

Tasks for it to do:
  • Play songs such as: Billy Joel, Imagine Dragons
  • Sing Me A Song
  • Tell Me a Joke
  • Reminders
  • Alarm clocks
  • Find Items to buy
  • Ask location and addresses for stores

Our Opinion:

We would recommend Google over Alexa because you do not have surrender as many privacies. We prefer the look of the google item more. As users, you can look up and connect to anything that Google can connect to while using the device, whereas Alexa only connects to Amazon. This item gives you the freedom to work with the whole internet and not just one website. The price range is also much more preferred compared to Alexa. The answers Google give are easier to understand. Google also seems to have more answers than Alexa.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 131 - Persuasive Writing on the Seasons - Ms. Farmer - Francis Wyman Grade 1

This post first appeared on Ms. Farmer's Blog

Which Season Is the Most Important?

While we learned that all seasons are important, the students of Room 111 took their writing to another level and chose one season to write about.  Their goal: to persuade their readers that their chosen season was the most important.

Step One: Learning about all of the seasons:
First, we watched educational videos and read books on each individual season:

Step Two: We recorded our facts into our season notebooks:

Step 3: We learned about the features of good persuasive writing:

Step 4: We each chose a season to write about, outlined our writing on our panning sheets and began our rough drafts:

Step 5: We created our persuasive posters.  We started with writing a beginning to hook our readers.  We then supported this topic sentence with reasons, facts and pictures.  Some pictures were drawn and others were photos which went with our words.  Here we are sharing our posters with each other:

Here are our Persuasive Posters!  Enjoy!