Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Day 54 - Kindergarten Feast - Mrs. Parnell - Pine Glen Kindergarten

This post first appeared on Mrs. Hoyt's Blog

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving early with all our kindergarten friends. We all sang together then we sat with new kindergarten friends from rooms 102 & 103. We had a great time! The first video shows Room 101 singing I'm A Little Turkey, Albuquerque Turkey and Timothy Turkey. The second video is of the students singing Thanks a Lot. We hope you enjoy them!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Day 53 - BFit with the Boston Bruins - Mrs. Hayes - Pine Glen Grade

This post first appeared on Mrs. Hayes' Blog

Everyone at Pine Glen enjoyed our whole school assembly today.  The Boston Bruins strength and conditioning coach, John Whitesides, along with the Bruins promotional team and mascot Blades came to show us all about how important it is to stay healthy and fit.   Everyone got an awesome paracord bracelet and folder from the Bruins. Thank you to the Pine Glen PTO for organizing this fun event for all of us! 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Day 52 - Plimoth Plantation Field Trip - Mrs. O'Neill - Francis Wyman Grade 3

Our field trip to Plymouth was really fun! It was a little chilly and wet, but it was great to visit the Wampanoag Homesite and the 17th Century English Village where the Pilgrims lived. Thank you to our chaperones!

We had lunch then started our day in the Wampanoag Homesite.
soft deer skin

Riding in a mishoon

"Rain in the Face" invited us into the nush wetu
 to learn about the Wampanoags. 

The children asked great questions!

Thank you, Mrs. Dickie and all our other chaperones!

The corn watch tower - Wampanoag children had
the responsibility of
sitting in it to throw stones
at the birds trying to eat their crops in the garden.

The 17th Century English Settler Village

The fort at the top of
the Pilgrim village had cannons.  

Men in the village ages 16-60 were trained
in the militia and had to wear armor like this.

Perfect fit!

The kids were so good traveling to and from!

And tired!
The 3rd grade concert featured songs
about Thanksgiving and delicious food!

Our violinists were outstanding!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Day 51 - BHS Students Visit Pine Glen Kindergarten - Mrs. Parnell

This post first appeared on Mrs. Parnell's blog

One of the Burlington School District's goals this year is collaboration. This year the students in Room 101 will collaborate with Ms. Hoerle’s Italian IV Burlington High School class. Today Ms. Hoerle’s class came to our class. We learned how to say hello and goodbye in Italian. We learned how to count to five in Italian and we learned how to say some color words in Italian.  Then the high school students read with the kindergartners. We also held a quick morning meeting and passed around our new Qball. We danced to Tooty Ta and GoNoodle's Pop SE KO. Another one of our goals this year with our kindergarten students is for them to understand that EVERYONE reads! The kindergartners enjoyed having their high school partners read and talk with them! All students BIG and SMALL had a great time today and we are all looking forward to seeing each other again in the spring.

Ms. Hoerle shared a few of her items from her Italian heritage. She shared some traditional clothing, a Parmesan cheese holder, and a coffee maker with us and showed us the Italian flag.

AJ & Lucas 

Madison & Gabby

Sydney & Amani

Zoe & Jenna

Ryan, Sebastian, Nikki, Amanda

Roby & Garrett

Pranila & Micayla

Steven & Taylor

Nick & Ben

Connor & Andrew

Matthew & Luciano

Julia & Dominic

Jackson & Cam

I would especially like to thank Ms. Hoerle for agreeing to collaborate this year with my class. This was a wonderful experience for all. I even got to see one of my past students (although I did not recognize her at first- it was great to see Madison) and a few other Pine Glen Alumni who were comfortable being back at Pine Glen.