Friday, June 23, 2017

Day 180 - Advice to the Class of 2021 - BHS Guidance Blog

Each spring, we ask grade nine students to reflect on the past school year and share advice about the transition to high school with the current eighth grade. Here is advice from the class of 2020 to the class of 2021.

Starting in a new place:

  1. It's a little scary at first, but once you know your way around and all the teachers, it's easy.
  2. Don't stress over the changing of buildings. It's easy to navigate (BHS) and teachers are supercool.
  3. High school is more fun than what it seems. All of the classes are interesting.
  4. Be prepared for new experiences and looking forward to what you want to do later in life.
  5. Just be yourself.
  6. Be open to making new friends.
  7. Don’t stress out too much. It’s a big change, but you get used to it fast.
Getting around:
  1. Don't worry about being lost in the beginning of the year. The teachers will help you.
  2. Ask for directions!
  3. Know cut-throughs between the library and art rooms when going to classes. And don’t be afraid to talk to or ask older students for help! (we're not as scary as we seem)
  4. Walk around the school before the year starts. If you get lost, just ask someone. They’re very helpful.
  1. I say be prepared for the tests. Studying effectively is important, more in high school.
  2. Don’t slack, even on easy assignments.
  3. Keep focus in class and take notes.
  4. Stay organized.
  5. Do not wait until the last hour to study or do your work.
  6. Don’t miss any homework and respect your teachers.
  7. Don’t stress too much about a few tests; there’s always time to do better.
  8. Don’t play games on your iPad and don’t give teachers a hard time.
  9. Don’t stress out a lot because it will just go downhill from there.
  10. School comes before sports.
  11. Pick a subject that you enjoy for high levels. For subjects you enjoy less, pick lower levels.
  12. Really take homework seriously. It’s helpful for quizzes and tests.
  13. Ask for help as soon as you need it. Don’t wait until the end of the year.
  14. Even if you don’t finish an assignment, turn it in for partial credit.
  15. Take advantage of extra credit.
Getting involved:
  1. Do whatever clubs you want- even if you only show up once and find out you don’t like it still try it.
  2. Don’t only focus on school; save time for hobbies, friends, extracurriculars, and family.
  3. Try new things; it pays off.
  4. Don’t feel bad if you’re not as good at sports compared to the older students.
  5. Doing a sport and trying new things is helpful. You don’t always need prior experience- give it a shot.
  6. Relax and have fun!
  7. If you plan to do extracurriculars, make sure you have rides.
  8. Don’t try to force yourself into a group. You’ll just naturally form a group of friends without noticing it.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Day 179 - LegoLand! - Mrs. Visocchi - Pine Glen Grade 4

This post first appeared on Mrs. Visocchi's Blog

What an absolutely awesome way to end the year!  The 4th graders of 207 had an amazing time at LegoLand!  We went on rides, watched a 4D movie, and used our engineering skills to create a Merry-Go-Round in our workshop.  The fourth-grade teachers had a great time and were so proud of all of the students for dong a great job.

Let us in!!!

Building cars for the test track.

Matt's car went flying!!!

Mia and Megan wait for the Flyer ride.

Testing their creations, Akash, Alex and Nehemiah are ready to go!

Farhana and Anjali use teamwork to build their Merry-Go-Round.

We are awesome!

Will Aaron's creation be able to withstand an earthquake?

Brady concentrates on his tower.

An interactive Fenway Park Lego creation!

Following the directions to build.

Matt and Tyler are held by a Lego wizard.

Mrs. Visocchi and Nehemiah worked together. Okay, Mrs. Visocchi turned the pages, while master builder, Nehemiah, showed off his building skills!

Nora and Megan are all smiles as they figure out how many rotations the gear takes.

Chloe takes on a new persona!

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 177 - National Park Persuasive Writing - Mr. Murphy and Ms. Scheffer - Fox Hill EdTech Team

Ms. Scheffer and I are ending our year with one of my favorite projects. We are working with Mrs. Nolte and Mrs. Hevey’s 4th grade students on their National Park persuasive writing projects. In this project, students are tasked with writing a persuasive essay about why their parents and families should take them to a National Park during summer vacation. What makes this project so exciting and unique is that so many other subjects are integrated into the research that helps them form their persuasive writing. Students incorporate math by researching how far away their park is and analyzing the cost of the trip. They incorporate social studies skills by incorporating maps into their projects. They incorporate critical thinking and reasoning by determining the best way to access their park. Can they drive in the case of Acadia, or do they have to fly in the case of Yellowstone? They incorporate science by learning about their park’s wildlife and geological formations dating back millions and even billions of years. They learn stewardship by learning climate science and discussing ways to protect our National Parks for future generations. They then synthesize all of this information and then use their writing skills to craft their persuasive essay on why their parents and families should bring them to a National Park during summer vacation. We put all this research together to display in the form of a video presentation and use our green screen to transport the students to their park. Hopefully their essays are successful and they are able to convince their families to pack their bags this summer! I know they’ve convinced me to get out to our National Parks for sure! Check out some examples below!

Epic Everglades – Celeste

Wildlife Wonders – Kritika

The Wonders of the Wild – Bella

Monday, June 19, 2017

Day 176 - BHS’s Ladies of Code - Mrs. Graham - BHS Devil's Advocate Advisor

BHS’s Ladies of Code

Check out freshmen Ranya Paul, Dylan Lechner, Alyssa Porter and Lily Algeri’s broadcast Bednarcik inspires ‘Ladies of Code’. The piece originally appeared on The Devil’s Advocate blog, BHS’s student-run newspaper and media blog.

**Additional student videos, reflecting on this year and looking towards the next, can be found at

Friday, June 16, 2017

Day 175 - Protect that Popsicle! Sun Shade Engineering - Mr. Musselman - Burlington Science Center

This post originally appeared on the Burlington Science Center Blog

On the hottest day yet this year our Francis Wyman Kindergarteners were furiously planning, collaborating, and building their sun shelters to protect Mr. Musselman’s popsicles! As the year winds down all of the Kindergarten classes will be partaking in this challenge… just as long as the sun stays out! Thanks to Mrs. Duncan for sharing these photos of her classroom’s constructions!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 174 - Swan Boats - Mrs. Duncan - Francis Wyman Kindergarten

This post first appeared on Mrs. Duncan's blog 

We had a great trip to Boston!  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day or for more enthusiastic children!  The students were very excited to see all the places we have been learning about and all the places we included on our own 3-D map of Boston.  I want to say a special thank you to Mrs. Tedesco, Ms. Murphy, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Jimenez, Mrs. Lacroix, Mrs. Trowbridge, Mr. Callahan, and Mr. Walker for coming with us.