Friday, February 16, 2018

Day 103 - February 2018: Self Control - Mrs. Alper - Memorial Guidance

Students will be learning about self-control this month and why it is important to maintain control over their words and their actions. We are always experiencing different feelings and sometimes it is harder to control your mind and your body.
Students were taught to STOP, THINK, and then ACT. Sometimes students will act without thinking about how their words or their actions affect other people.

First, students will have a discussion about self-control and what it means using prior knowledge and new information. Then students will practice having self-control using a bubble machine. 

  1. We will turn on the machine and the students will be able to pop as many bubbles that come near them. 
  2. We will turn on the machine and students will have to maintain self-control and not pop a single bubble. 
After the students practice using self-control, we will read the story 
You Get What You Get 
by Julie Gassman. 
This story is about a squirrel named Melvin who throws a fit when he doesn't get what he wants. At school, he has to follow the rule "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit". He is able to maintain his self-control at school but still thinks it is ok to throw a fit when he doesn't get what he wants at home. He quickly realizes that rule is just as important at home too when his sister gets upset when she doesn't get what she wants. 

After reading the story we will also talk about the importance of maintaining self-control with your words too. Your brain acts like a filter and your words need to go through the social filter to determine whether it is a thought that you can say out loud or a thought that should stay in your filter and you should only think it. 
Students will be given examples of thoughts they can "say" and thoughts that they should only "think".

Then students will partner up and work on a worksheet where they will have to put each "thought" in the column it belongs. 
SAY IT               or                 THINK IT

Our goal is for students to continue to practice self-control and to be more aware of their words and actions and how they impact their social settings. 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Day 103 - Fox Hill Sphero Olympics - Mr. Murphy - Fox Hill Library Tech Team

This post originally appeared on the BPS EdTech Team Blog

As a computer science challenge, Ms. Scheffer and I will be hosting the Sphero Olympics in the Fox Hill Learning Commons starting the Monday we come back from February vacation. Inspired by the middle school, we’ll be doing our own robotics programming Olympic challenge at the elementary level. For this programming challenge, various tracks and events will be set up that mirror the sports of the Winter Olympics. Students are already working on their coding for a number of events. Check out this video of Sphero curling. It’s our first successful programming of a Sphero that will hit the mark every time! Great job fifth graders!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


This post first appeared on Mrs. Nolte's Blog 

Every Wednesday, we had volunteers come into our classroom and participate in Bridges Together lessons. Our most recent visit involved "Lifelong Teaching and Learning." All Room 16 students and senior volunteers prepared and delivered five-minute lessons to their group members, or shared interesting facts to their group members about a topic meaningful to them. I was amazed at the effort and delivery demonstrated by both the kids and volunteers during this lesson. Some of the teaching and learning included:

  • making fortune tellers
  • proper teach cleaning
  • playing lacrosse
  • ice skating
  • how to knit and sew
  • how to play various card games
  • learning about space
  • how to draw

Enjoy these photos from today's Bridges Together lesson!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Day 101 - Maker Space in Memorial School - Principal Dressler

Our School Library Media specialist, Mrs. Cathi Myer and 
Library Assistant teacher, Mrs. Laura Prince have created
a highly engaging maker space. 

Mrs. Kippenberger's third-graders had a great time investigating the stations.

Learning about safe search engines online
Using Osmos to create tangrams 
Building bridges with legos
Creating objects and structures with cardboard and plastic screws
Practicing how to find books in the library all by themselves

Thanks for making learning fun at Memorial School!